Julius z^2

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Julius Ruis Fractal Objects Gallery
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The 'text' links refer to data files that can be loaded on your own computer, opened and redrawn to screen size (or larger) by Fractal Imaginator, a new program designed by Jules Ruis and Terry W. Gintz.
For a small sum of $40.00 you can purchase Fractal Imaginator at internet site.
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3D Mandelbrot sets (inversed) Polynomials + Transcendental functions

Mandel z^1

Mandel z^2

Mandel z^3

Mandel z^4

Mandel z^5

Mandel z^-1

Mandel z^-2

Mandel z^-3

Mandel z^-4

Mandel z^-5

Mandel sin

Mandel cos

Mandel tan

Mandel exp

Julia exp

Julia sin

Julia sin

Julia sin

Julia sin

Julia sin

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